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Charnos today

" Today the brand offers women of all ages, legwear solutions to suit all occasions!" -Charnos.

The price range of the products is between £5-£15, however the brand still prides itself on its exceptional quality. In the past, Charnos was applauded for its high quality on many occasions. 

In an interview with Mr Rolf Noskwith (son of the founder) he stated that,

“every hosiery item was examined before it went out to be sold”. 

 Quality has always been at the forefront of the brands promise and USP, and this should be continued within the new marketing strategy.

Charnos are currently endeavouring to expand their relationship with consumers, effectively aiming to generate customer loyalty.  Through its ‘Lessons in Legs’ campaign, the brand is educating its consumers on what hosiery to wear for their leg shapes. The campaign is online however the brand is not using the internet to its full use.

On the ‘lessons in legs’ website consumers can use a questionnaire tool that leads them to an analysis of their leg shape and suitable hosiery. However the consumer is not then encouraged to make an immediate purchase, they would have to log on to a different website, or visit a retailer such as House of Fraser, (stockists of Charnos Hosiery) to purchase the tights. By doing this Charnos are educating consumers, but then not generating consumer loyalty, as consumers are not led to purchasing Charnos tights. Effectively consumers can take the information the ‘Lessons in Legs’ websites gives them, and then purchase cheaper alternatives from other brands.


Check out the website:

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Charnos: Love your legs

Check out Charnos’s new and updated website:
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Check out Charnos’s new and updated website:

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A bit about Charnos Hosiery …

Charnos Hosiery was launched in 1936; in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The brand soon became an asset to the people of Ilkeston, constantly being involved in Charnos’s events such as dances, and Miss Charnos events.

In the 1940s the company employed 252 men and women. Since then the company continued to grow branching out into the lingerie industry. It wasn’t until 2000 when the company saw its first signs of termination, and eventually closed in 2002. (Nottingham Evening Post. 2003. P.8) subsequently this spilt up to two sections of the brand; Charnos Hosiery and Charnos Lingerie. Another factory in Northern Ireland was opened and sales increased dramatically.

By 2003 the brand was becoming outsold begun losing customers due to competitiors reaching out to overseas production companies, making their competitors hosiery cheaper.

The Ilkeston factory was shut down in 2005.

In 2006 the Melas group bought the Charnos Hosiery and are now collarborating with NTU students to created a marketing campaign for the 75th Anniversary for Charnos.

Below is a timeline I made of some of the key dates for Charnos Hosiery.

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